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The Foundation was formed in 1989 to provide an endowment for Whitman Hospital and Medical Clinics to support the hospital in event of financial emergency. The endowment fund is a "savings account" that will secure the hospital in time of financial emergency, to eventually provide a stream of revenue in the future, and to provide funds for critical projects and needs consistent with our financial objectives.

Healthcare is one of the most important assets that our community has to offer its residents. The economic uncertainty, increasing government involvement and insurance payment fees make maintaining a small rural hospital even more challenging than ever.

Together we can guarantee that Whitman Hospital will continue to be here for all of us.

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The Foundation board of directors is governed by volunteers who are committed to continuing the hospital's excellence in care and service.

Foundation Board of Directors:

President: Terry Eng
Vice President: Stefani Teasley
Secretary: Anne McRae
Treasurer: Sue Mellor

Board Members:

Desiree Chappell
Teri Heilsberg

Contact us:
509.397.3435, ext. 400