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Tasty Tuesday by Anna Gindeland, RD, CD: January resolution—eat breakfast

Anna Grindeland, RD, CD

For the month of January, Tasty Tuesday will focus on common New Year's Resolutions, giving you tips to help you achieve yours, or of if you aren't the resolution type, just useful nutrition tips. This week we turn our attention to breakfast….

I often hear this phrase: "I don't like vegetables." To a dietitian, this is like nails on a chalkboard and I cannot help but hear the all-too-common and equally cringe-worthy phrase: "you don't know if you don't try it."

There is such a vast number of culinary vegetables out there--too many to count or eat! Root vegetables, leafy vegetables, stem vegetables, legumes and pulses, "fruit" vegetables (those that have seeds), nightshades; the list goes on…. There are so many different shades, varieties, uses, and ways to prepare this infinite group of culinary foods that offer us numerous health benefits and depth to our food vocabulary.

Even if we like vegetables, it is not easy in today's fast-paced food environment to get the 3+ cups we should be eating every day….which is what makes eating more vegetables are great place to start in 2018. If you don't eat vegetables every day, 3 cups can seem like a lot. So why not start with breakfast? All of these breakfast recipes are easy, healthy ways to get your morning going.

Omelet. Spinach and tomato, jalapenos and mushrooms, peppers and onions, tomato and basil, spinach and pine nuts, avocado, asparagus… omelets are a quick and easy way to start with veggies, and the options are unlimited. Start by cooking your veggies in an omelet pan, remove the veggies to your plate while the omelet cooks in the same pan, adding veggies back to middles and folding in half. OR... throw the eggs right in with veggies and make it that way. Top with fresh cheese or sliced avocado, fresh herbs (like dill or fennel, which go great with eggs), or just a dash of pepper.

Hash. Dice any mix and combination of breakfast sausage or bacon, sweet potatoes, onions, beets (extra tasty if you've never tried it!), white potatoes, summer and/or winter squash into 1/4" pieces. Pile all into a large skillet and cook on medium high until potatoes are done and edges are browning. Wash and chop some rich green kale, spinach, or rainbow card and add to the mix just until it brightens up. Make room for a couple eggs, crack straight into the pan, cover for 2-3 minutes and voila: a delicious breakfast.

Smoothie. From my limited research, I would estimate that there are about 1,000,001 different recipes for smoothies. Whether you like chocolatey or fruity, thick or thin, sweet or spicy-- there is a smoothie recipe out there for you!

Here are a few to try:

Spicy Mixed Green Smoothie:

1 1/2 cup milk or milk alternative/liquid
1 cup mixed greens
1/4 cup berries, fresh or frozen
1/2 avocado
1 tablespoon peeled ginger root
1 tablespoon raw honey or stevia (optional)
1 tablespoon ground flax seeds
Dash cayenne pepper
Juice from 1 lemon

Cherry and Hidden Spinach Smoothie

1 banana
1 cup frozen cherries
1 handful spinach
1 cup almond milk

Tropical Mango Carrot Juice Smoothie

1 cup of diced mango, fresh or frozen
1/2 cup low fat plain or vanilla yogurt (choose vanilla if you want it to be sweeter)
3 tablespoons fresh lime juice
1 1/2 cups carrot juice

I like to prepare my smoothie ingredients the night before in the blender bowl, so I can just pull it out, blend, and I am ready to go in the morning.

Happy New Year and tasty breakfast eating to you and yours!

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