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Tasty Tuesday by Anna Grindeland, RD, CD: Eating healthy at work


Using the C.A.N. Approach to Eating Healthy at work:

Rule #1: Make Healthy Eating Convenient

Remove unhealthy snacks from the proximity!

Fact : You are more likely to overeat a food the closer is it to you. Remove unhealthy temptations like donuts, the candy bowl, or home-baked treats from your work station. Make a pact with your other health-conscious workmates to keep these items tucked away in a break room—or go without altogether!

Prepare healthy worktime food beforehand:

Make the healthy choice the easy choice by washing and preparing fresh fruits vegetables for easy to-go snacks and lunches. Fresh cut produce stores well in airtight containers. Keep a fruit bowl close to the door—so you are more likely to grab a fruit for a healthy, on-the-go snack.

Rule #2: Make Healthy Eating Attractive

Make healthy lunches that you will enjoy.

Healthy should be tasty—so cook up your favorite dishes for leftovers, pack your favorite fruit and vegetable snacks, and take advantage of the Tasty Tuesday recipes for ideas!

Get attractive to-go containers for your to-go meals. Store convenient to-go foods at eye-level in cupboards and refrigerator, so you are more likely to take them with you.

Rule #3: Make Healthy Eating Normal

What are your worktime habits? Cookie at 2pm? Candy bar for breakfast because you didn’t have time for anything else? Healthy eating means making changes—set yourself up for success by removing temptations of old habits, and creating new ones. Organize your work environment to support your goals. Here are some healthy change ideas:

  • Make taking a lunch break normal—and take an actual break.
  • Forgo the vending machine, and instead take a 5 minute brisk walk to renew your afternoon energy.
  • Normalize water as your drink of choice.
  • Make it normal to eat home cooked meals, and a treat to eat out when you do.
  • Make it normal to eat breakfast
  • Shop the perimeter of the grocery store—where most fresh foods are.

Try this DIY kettle corn recipe for a healthy, easy snack!  

Have a Tasty Tuesday!

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