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CT Scan Upgrade

Hospital news | Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Contact: Laurie Gronning

Our new Toshiba Aquilion Prime CT scanner is up and in use. This new CT scanner is 5-7 times faster and offers a 50-60% dose reduction for our patients. Since shorter breath-holds are required, it will be more comfortable for our patients. It can fit larger patients (up to 660 lb) and has a lower couch height in order to better accommodate those who have limited mobility or are wheelchair-bound. The lateral table movement also offers our patients easier positioning. It is an 80-slice scanner (compared to our previous 32-slice system), and there will be far less metal artifact when scanning patients with metal implants, allowing for much improved visualization and diagnostic interpretation.

This CT scanner will be more accurate, more efficient, and more comfortable for our patients. An investment like this is critical in order to keep up with the advances made in imaging as well as offer our patients the best diagnostic options available today—something our mission statement demands and our patients deserve.