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Advanced Body Composition

Is your diet or personal training plan working for you? Let us help you find out!

Advanced Body Composition Scan

It's As Easy As ABC

See your body as it really is! Scales are misleading as body weight is compromised of muscle, fat and bone all added together. An Advanced Body Scan Composition (ABC) Scan determines your exact body composition value by measuring your Fat Mass Index which is more accurate than Body Mass Index. There is simply no better way to evaluate metabolic and obesity related health risks.

This advanced technology is now available at Whitman Hospital with our new state of the art DXA Scanner - it is painless and takes just minutes to complete!

How does it work?

* Low levels of x-ray pass through the body and measure fat, muscle and bone.

* The scan gives you specific details about where the fat and muscle are situated on your body.

How will it benefit you?ABC Scan

1. Establishes a baseline

2. Monitors muscle loss or gain

3. Helps you estimate your basal metabolic rate

4. Measures deep body fat and health risks

5. Monitors muscle growth and fat loss


Advanced Body Composition Scans are quick, easy, cost effective, and accessible to everyone - without a physician's order! An ABC Scan costs just $130 at WHMC and the report is yours to keep, or share with your doctor, personal trainer, and/or your dietitian.

Information is power and once your see your body as it is, you will be able to take specific steps to shape it into the body you want it to be!

Click here for more information! Call our Imaging Department to schedule 509.397.5713.